Saturday, July 16, 2016

Featured Artist: Deidra Bettis

 By His Stripes We Are Healed!

I was impressed when Deidra showed my some pieces she created with one of our tutorials, a tutorial I created by her request. And as I viewed more of her work I was compelled to feature her work, as it is tangible (distinctive and emotional) and also beautiful!

Deidra has a definite drive to excel and I believe she has a "higher Inspiration" and exactly what Indwelling Spirit Creations looks for in an artist. She has a willingness to learn new techniques and to make these new techniques her very own by experimenting and expressing herself creatively. She also is a supporter of our site and cause, and I believe an incredibly talented and deserving feature artist!

 Deidra Bettis is a native of Niagara Falls, New York and works as a child care associate, she has a wonderful sense of color, and evokes so much emotion with her pieces. They range from subtle, to intense to over the top dramatic. She also has a talent for sculpting, her figurine work is a must see and filled with joy!

Maybe working closely with children has given her a sense of vulnerability, and humility and has become an asset to her creative abilities, and enables her to evoke such emotion in her work. I am sure it helps and inspires her, in her figure work.

Please take the time to visit her facebook page, I spent hours looking at her work, it was difficult choosing just 10 pieces to feature. , read a little more about Deidra Bettis...

 Shields Of Faith

ISC: When did you start creating with polymer clay?
DB: I started creating with polymer clay about 7 years ago. I love snowmen and found a tutorial when searching for snowmen on the Internet. It was a tutorial by Linda Peterson on a polymer clay snowman and that's how I started. I'm self taught through tutorials.

ISC: Do you create in other mediums, or is polymer clay your only creative outlet?
DB: . I do a lot of other creating besides clay. I make regular jewelry, floral arrangements, and DIY's.  

ISC: Do you believe in God?
DB: I absolutely believe in God, he has made himself known to me in many ways.

 Take Up Your Cross Daily!

ISC: What inspires your creative process the most?
DB: What inspires me to create is when I see something new to try or get an idea of my own that I want to try. Sometimes I just go into my craft room to have some "me" time.  I create because it's my stress outlet and I enjoy the results. It makes me happy to create. I enjoy making things for others also. It makes me happy to make others happy!                                    

ISC: Share a bit about why you create.
DB: I always like to learn new things which is why I watch tutorials by other creators. I especially like Polymer Clay Preaching because the work is unique and beautiful. I especially enjoy your voice. It's very soothing and calming.
ISC: I have had many people say this to me about my voice, I pray I am not putting you to sleep!

ISC: What prompted you to try this tutorial by Polymer Clay Preaching?
DB: I like to learn new techniques, to put my own spin on things so I don't always follow a tutorial exactly.

 Serene, Dramatic, Inspired!

ISC: Why or how did you choose the colors for your pieces, and are you happy with the results?
DB: . I just choose my colors by what I think will look good together. Most of the time I'm happy with the results.

ISC: Anything else you'd like to add?
DB: Thank you and God Bless you!...Oh, and Please visit my Facebook page

ISC: You are very welcome Deidra, thanks so much for allowing us to share your wonderful work with others. I pray it inspires them, visit Deidra's face book page to see much more of her creations! See More!

You can find our tutorial here, which Deidra used in some of her creations.
Picasso/Chatume` Tutorial

 You can purchase the deco mold here, which Deidra used in her cross piece:
Deco Mold


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